HR Interview Questions

A list of all the possible HR Interview Questions can be found on this page. It is very important we prepare to answer these HR round related interview questions. If there is a question that is asked, and you require more information, please post it here.

Tell me something about yourself?
Why should we hire you?
Why are you looking for a change?
What do you like or dislike most about your current or last position?
How do you handle pressure?
What are your career goals? or Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years from now?
How did you handle your most challenging experience in your previous job?
Why do you want to make career in this company?
What is your salary expectation?


  1. Wht is the salary you are expecting?

  2. What is your current location?

  3. what you learned from your mistakes?
    in the past company, do you have any experience that they implemented any of your suggestion?

  4. iam 2011 pass out.if am going for any fresher interview,first they r asking what u did all these me by giving convincing answers.

    1. Hi Good Morning. Tell them genuine answer what you have done these days. But remember one thing the time you have vested all the way should be expose to them as productive manner. In my opinion any organisation will look for people who make their time Productive.

  5. Why you want to leave your current job

  6. Unfortunatly, i am looking job change 4th time in 4 year of Experience... Please help me to give some valid reasons when then ask why am i changing the Job Frequently...

  7. Please can you explain me about your 4 year of gap (break)...what did you do in this time?

  8. hi what the new concept in hr for example BI

  9. I had a question asked by the HR about the challenge you have faced using 'Stored Procedures' ?
    Please enlighten me with some good answers.

  10. how can impress HR. How much english fluency required to impress HR with good communication skills

  11. Why did you leave the previous job if you were comfortable with that job?


If you are aware of any other HR question asked in an interview, please post it below. If you find anything missing or wrong, please feel free to correct by submitting the form below.

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