What is your salary expectation

What is your salary expectation ?
What is your minimum salary expectation you think ?

This is a very common interview question in the HR round. Based on the answer to this question, the HR will decide on how much will you be paid. Remember that for every role with in an organisation there will be a range. Depending on your qualification and experience you fall some where between this range.

Depending on your situation, your answers may vary. Following are some of the scenarios and responses that I can think of at the moment. If you can think of any other scenarios, I request you to kindly add them by submitting the form below.

1. You are a fresher.
2. Currently you don't have an offer from any other company.
3. You don't have any other interview scheduled.
4. Even if there is an other interview scheduled, you are not confident about getting to this stage in the interview process.

Example Response: It is better to say, I don't have any figures on my mind. I strongly believe the organisation decides the salary scale based on the industry standards. So, I will be more than happy to accept accept the offer made based on the current industry standards.

1. You are a fresher (currently have an offer) or an experienced person and currently working.
2. Currently you have an offer from an other company or your current salary is XYZ (if you are currently working).

In this scenario, make sure you have already done your research and you are aware of what is the highest and lowest salary range for a similar position in the market. If your current offered salary is in the lower side of the range, then you can ask for a hike of what ever is the difference. The number could be in terms of percentage or the actaul number itslef.

Example Response: I currently have an offer for XYZ and I am expecting 15% more.

If in case the Interviewer asks, why should I pay you 15% more than your current offer, then you can let him know about the research you have done.

If you can fine tune the answer for this question further, please feel free to do so by submitting the form below. I thank you for your feedback.
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